Enjoy life to the fullest by embracing sacred life force energy 

Through a combination of holistic coaching and I hands on healing I help clients tap into the incredible power of their hearts and life-force energy to create inner transformation, deepen relationships and build an ecstatic life. 

Sessions are organized into three parts:

Consult- 15-20mins, check-in, talk and exploration of your needs for the sessions, intuitive energetic assessment of where we should go together in our time. 

Coach- 30-40 mins- Coaching exercises, exploring new techniques together to support your development and healing. Preparation for you to continue these practices at home. 

Connect- 45mins- 1 hr- Massage/Reiki/Breathwork session to support inner healing and energetic rebalancing. 


*To support a range of diverse incomes and needs I offer a sliding scale 

90mins (45 min healing session included) $90-$175

2hrs (1hr healing session included)        $175-$250

Sacred Intimacy Sessions

These sessions focus on opening the heart, re-patterning intimacy, and teaching your how to drop deeper into your ecstatic, expanded nature so that you can have a more fulfilling, blissful relationship with yourself and others. 

An abundant and ecstatic love life is one of life’s greatest blessings, and an incredible way to deepen our spirituality. It begins with our relationship with our self. How well do you know your our own heart, mind, and body? Does your past limit you or is it a bridge for you to meet others with more depth and wholeness? 

Our family history, societal influences and past relationships can all leave imprints that hold us back from abundant love, however when explored and embraced and brought into the fold of love, they can help us expand, open wider than we ever thought possible and love ourselves and others epically. 

In these sessions we work with your unique story, your needs and your goals to help you find pathways towards healing and expansion. You will be given a safe and loving container to explore your self, tools to support you to open your heart and build strong relationships with others, as well as nurturing healing time for physical and energetic rebalancing. 





Special Full package Offering:

4 90mins sessions- $600 or 4 2hr sessions- $850

Creative Empowerment Sessions 

These sessions support you to get in touch with your inner fire and learn to harness your life force energy. In order have have abundant vitality we need to keep our life force energy moving! We also need a healthy relationship with our creative and sexual nature. 

In these sessions we will explore your story and history around expressing your creativity and sexuality. You will be given the support to foster a life-long love of your creative juices and tools to help you move and express this energy daily! 




Emotional Expression

Sensual Awakening

Couples Coaching and Sacred Sexual Massage Training

These sessions are for couples that would like to learn the art of sacred sexuality together.