Enjoy life to the fullest by embracing sacred life force energy 

Through a combination of holistic coaching and healing tools I help clients tap into the incredible power of their life-force energy to create inner transformation and build an ecstatic life. 

All we need for healing is to restore balance and energy flow

Healing is simple when our energy is flowing and our hearts are open. Restoring that balance can be a more complex process because it involves understanding what has created blocks and finding ways to change patterns and habits to create a healthier life. 

Through hands on healing with massage and reiki, as well as breathwork coaching, spiritual counselling and meditation techniques I help clients come home to their bodies and hearts. 

I begin each session with a consultation to chart a path that works for you and your needs and I work with couples as well to help increase the vitality and harmony in your relationship. 

Contact me for a consultation to begin your path today.