Begin a journey of helping others awaken and expand through sacred intimacy and sexual healing

Sacred intimacy and sexual healing are essential for those who want to lead more conscious and connected lives. We are simply not taught how to understand our bodies, our sexuality and our hearts in holistic ways. This leads to disempowerment, the break down of relationships and a lot of unnecessary suffering in our word. 

We all want to feel loved, connected, safe and ecstatic! The disconnected and unconscious nature of our world, along with the repression of sexual expression, and lack of holistic understanding about sexuality has left many people silently struggling with shame, pain and loneliness.

Many people are looking for tools and support to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships, healthy sex lives and the better quality of life that ensues!  

If you have a desire to serve and a holistic healing 
background we can work together

It has been my great pleasure to begin training and mentoring other wellness practitioners over the past several years in the areas of sacred intimacy and somatic healing.

This is a growing body of work, and a movement that needs more dedicated, heart- centered practitioners. If you have an interest in stepping into this beautiful body of work and service, please browse the details of my foundations for practitioners course below. 

Alchemy of Love
Foundations for Practitioners

Support clients to deepen and develop their ecstatic nature through sacred intimacy and sexual healing

In this course we will cover: 

  • Sacred sexuality philosophy and context- What is it? Why do we need it? What landscape are we approaching this from? 
  • Masculine and Feminine archetypes- Understanding these energies and why we need to support re-patterning and re-balancing
  • Personal practices to support the development of sacred sexuality and intimacy in your life 
  • Building trust and a safe container for clients
  • Types of clients seeking sacred sexual healing and choosing your niche 
  • Breathwork and energy work practices for sessions
  • Anatomy and massage techniques for sacred sexual healing
  • This class includes an audio meditation package of 4 transformational practices to support your development and use in client sessions. (Value $500)

A level two hands on training program will be available for students who successfully complete the foundations course. 

Email me at to set up a consultation call to see if this course is right for you.