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The Goddess Vortex- Your portal to Sacred Sexual Training and Transformation

The Goddess Vortex Group is launching in spring 2022. 

Join us for a powerful monthly meet up of women on a path of sexual transformation. Connect with other sisters walking out their medicine and expanding their power. 

Each month we will have a sharing circle and guest facilitators sharing new tips, tools and healing with our group. 

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Alchemy of Love 
Sacred Sexuality Training Program
Women’s Program
Module 1 -Priestess Initiation 

This 6 week course provides foundations for sacred sexual healing for women who want to begin a deeper dive of personal healing and transformation. 

In this course we look at:

What are sacred sexuality and intimacy and how to they support healing and transformation?

Archetypes of the wounded and divine feminine

What patterns of sexuality and intimacy are you carrying

How to begin activating your sacred life force energy on a daily basis 

Ways to work with emotional blocks and transform pain

How to begin embodying more ecstatic energy

How to practice sacred sexual touch

The Sacred Brotherhood- Exploration of masculine roots, purpose and power  

The Sacred Brotherhood is launching in Spring 2022. This group is a place for men to come and connect, share stories and support, explore the complexity of expressing masculine power in a time that offer few models for how to do that in a healthy, heart-centered ways. We will have facilitated group sharing as well as guest speakers, focusing on the positive power masculinity offers and how to nurture and express it in our world. 

Alchemy of Love for Men- Module 1 -Roots of Masculine Power

In this 6 week course we will explore the challenges and potential of masculine expression in our modern world. We will examine the wounds and barriers that limit health masculine power and explore foundational practices to support harnessing and channeling masculine energy.  

In this course we will look at:

The societal influences that effect how masculinity is perceived and expressed in modern western culture. 

Archetypes of the divine masculine and how to begin working with them in your daily life

Practices to activate and channel your sacred life force energy

Patterns of intimacy and sexuality that shape your behaviours and views, how to work with them and uncover the medicine within trauma.