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Aeriel Colleen

Ecstatic Living and Sacred Intimacy Coach, Founder of the Alchemy of Love Training Program 

Hello, I’m Aeriel Colleen and I have been teaching and leading sacred sexual education and empowerment for over a decade. I have worked with hundred of clients, in one-one sessions, couples work and events to help them unlock the hidden magic within their sexuality to improve all aspects of their lives.

Greater vitality, deeper more passionate intimate relationships, profound inner healing, and a more purposeful and joyful life are just some of the benefits of exploring sacred sexuality and weaving it into your life. 

I am passionate about helping others to embrace the beauty of life, to open their hearts to the mystery and magic of our existence and to harness the transformative power of their sacred creative life force energy! Below you can read more about my background and training.

Blessings and Bliss to you!!!! 

My Story

I began working with children and facilitating creative programming in my teens. I became deeply interested in the emotional healing process as I worked closely with children. I decided to pursue a path of becoming a social worker but was redirected by a healing crisis in my mid-twenties which forced me to leave school and put all my energy into self-healing and transformation.

Out of all the modalities I explored, I found that sacred sexuality was one of the most comprehensive, exciting and effective approaches to mental, physical and emotional healing. The understanding of the divine masculine and feminine energies, along with somatic and relational healing practices offered deep re-patterning that supported my authentic and empowered expression in the world. Simply put, I felt liberated, heart connected with others, and in touch with a deep well of joy within me. 

I went on to become a certified practitioner of sacred sexual healing and developed a unique approach to sacred sexual healing with my clients, using a wide range of tools and training from my journey, in combination with the valuable knowledge of how to work with the inner child and emotional body, solidified in my from years of hands on work with kids. 

 I built up my business in the GTA of Ontario, finding joy in sharing the deep philosophies, hands on skills, and somatic healing of sacred sexuality with every kind of person, from accountants, to doctors, to meditators, to new couples, to senior citizens! I have watched the lives of so many people change, and them come back to a deeper connection with themselves, their loved ones and their bodies as we journeyed together. 

Finding myself with an overflow of clients, I started training and apprenticing other practitioners, teaching them my approach to highly accessible, client-focused care and developed a network of practitioners to support the development of this healing work in the GTA.  

Going Global 

In 2020 I moved to the West Coast and have planted myself on lovely Salt Spring Island, where I have been developing online courses, inspirational media, new healing tools for practitioners and training retreats. I believe there is so much potential to help this movement of sacred intimacy and creative empowerment grow in our communities! It’s fun to work in a more global way and begin planting new seeds to foster global expansion and a wider reach.  

Last year I launched the Alchemy of Love online training program with a group of incredible women. We will be launching men’s and women’s groups and classes this year to support personal healing, hands on training tools and a foundation for those on a path to offer this work professionally in the world. 

In addition, our Love Lounge events will be starting up again in 2022 to support regular gatherings and community building for those who want to dive into the word of sacred intimacy and sexuality and support it’s presence in our communities. 

It’s my belief and experience from offering this work over the past 10 years that every person has tremendous power and creative potential in them that wants to be expressed. Unlocking this power gives life meaning, allows us to show up more fully and heart-centered in our relationships and to be an agent of change and healing in the world.

We may find along the way, a better sex life, better health and vitality, a new spiritual outlook on life and so many other blessings. But ultimately the greatest gift of this kind of work is the fulfillment of our own unique gifts and calling. To be fully alive, fully human, and fully divine, burning brightly through the dance of life.

If you would like to consult about working one-one, classes, or events, please connect with me for a free phone consultation.  

Blessings and Bliss to you! 

Training and  Certifications


Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner- International School of Temple Arts, 2010

Reiki Level 2- T.K Atkinson, 2011

Laughter Yoga- Kathryn Kimmins, 2013


Mindfulness Meditation- Dr. Pardeep Kumar- 2007-2008

Compassionate Communication- Centre of Non Violent Communication, 2008

Tantric Yoga- Agama Yoga, 2009-2010 

Chanting and Mantra Meditation- David Embry-2009-2010

Transformational Breathwork- Dale Joyal, 2010

Dyadic Communication- Warrior Sage- 2009 –2010

Psychic Development- Niki Tihor, 2015-2016


Wild Genius, Randy Jones, Ritual Leadership- 2020-2021

Orphan Wisdom, Stephen Jenkinson- 2019​

Regenerative Nutrition- Lynn Krokenberger (RN, CCH) 2012-2015

 Intuitive Healing- Shirley Peck, 2010-2012


General Arts- University of British Columbia 2003-2007