About us

Healing is wholistic, the body loves to grow stronger with joyful support.

I did not have an easy time making changes to my diet and lifestyle! From the time I was in my teens I suffered from mental and physical health conditions and was trying even at 16 to start to learn how to feel ‘normal.’ It was about a decade more of challenges and learning until I started to make some real progress taking back my life.

Along the way I found one of the most important aspects of healing was doing it from a place of love and excitement. For awhile I was so afraid of what I was feeling in my body I was approaching everything from a place of worry and fear. I was trying harsh cleanses and being so strict with my self it sucked all the joy out of life.

It was when I started getting a deeper understanding of the miracle healing power of my body, and how I could easily support it by choosing foods and habits I loved, that I started truly healing. It is my joy to share this path of healing with others and to help them take steps towards a more vital life with ease and excitement.