Create a beautiful new reality 

What would you like to create in your life? 

More health and vitality?

A more fulfilling and sacred romantic relationship?

Greater purpose and passion, the ability to follow your dreams and do what you love? 

Tapping into your life force energy and the power of your heart can open the doors of possibility and align you with your highest potential. Helping others to discover those possibilities and follow that path is my greatest joy! 

Ecstatic Vitality’s mission is to inspire change one person at a time, towards a more empowered, heart centered world.

Using a variety of modalities including breathwork, spiritual guidance, energy healing, regenerative nutrition and tantric coaching we help you step into the life you were born to lead.

We’re Creating Transformation

Join in our movement of transformation, liberation and deeper living in any of the following ways

Private Sessions- For individuals and couples

Start with a consultation or online session to assess your needs. 


Join a class and take a journey with other students, enhance your training and skill set. 


Join us for a weekend workshop, love lounge or retreat. 

Our Philosophy

We can unlock the power of our consciousness and create healing through the power of sacred life force energy

A true dive into tantric healing and sacred intimacy brings us into the nature of life & the power of creation. It teaches us about who and what we are. It helps to unite, mind, body, heart and soul, and allows us to experience the one-ness that is the truth of our spiritual existence. 

And because tantra and sacred sexual healing embrace pleasure and the body as a path to the divine, it is creating a profound bridge for many people to explore spirituality deeply and authentically. These approaches offer a path that embraces our humanity, rather than asking us to repress it!