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We can unlock the power of our consciousness and create healing through the power of sacred life force energy

A true dive into tantric healing and sacred intimacy brings us into the nature of life & the power of creation. It teaches us about who and what we are. It helps to unite, mind, body, heart and soul, and allows us to experience the one-ness that is the truth of our spiritual existence. 

And because tantra and sacred sexual healing embrace pleasure and the body as a path to the divine, they create a profound bridge for many people to explore spirituality deeply and authentically. These approaches offer a path that embraces our humanity, rather than asking us to repress it

Organic Transformation

In my sessions and events we begin with the intelligence of what is alive in you. We explore the wisdom of the heart, body and soul to find pathways towards liberation, expansion and ecstatic vitality. Click below to discover the ways in which we can journey together. 

Coaching and Healing Sessions- For individuals and couples

Dive into you soul! Experience the deep healing within your sacred sexuality and creative expression. Learn tools and techniques to enhance your healing practice, relationships and to help you fall deeper in love with yourself and life.   

Sacred Sexual Healing Classes-
The Alchemy of Love Program 

Begin a journey of healing, self discovery and empowerment by exploring foundations of sacred sexual healing.  

Sacred Intimacy & Sexuality Events

Join us for a workshop, Love Lounge or retreat. Connect with others on the path of sacred intimacy and sexual healing, and get hands on training. 

Let’s talk about how you can begin your journey! 

Our Philosophy

Love is the Greatest 

Each of us is a part of a beautiful and intricate web of life that offers us unlimited healing and transformative power when we tap into it. 

Sacred sexuality and intimacy practices, can help us discover the magic within, connect deeper with ourselves and life, and create a whole new dimension to our relationships. 

As we come into a deeper understanding of the nature of life and learn to open ourselves to the natural flow of divine energy within us and all around us, we can re-pattern traumas, awaken deeper power and passion, and find an ecstatic flow and rhythm to life. 

Stories of Transformation

Words of praise from souls I have journeyed with in this work 

Amanda Clarke
Founder of The Luscious Feminine

Women’s Empowerment Coach, Toronto On

Aeriel holds a safe container for me to soften and bring all of me without fear. I trust her guidance, the depth of knowledge and believe her to be a true pioneer in the field of sacred sexuality.

Thank you Aeriel for your tremendous gifts and contributions to the field of sacred sexuality and for being a fiercely loving heart. I love you sister. 

Rev.Pamela Robinson
Founder of Evolove  

Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Spiritual Counsellor, Hamilton On. 

Aeriel is a gentle soul who helped me to better understand myself and honour the goddess in me by holding space for my family issues and teaching how sacred sexual massage helps on very deep levels. She gave me the tools, insights and information which helped boost my confidence and take my healing to a new level. I am eternally grateful. 

James Smith
Founder of

Tantric Healer, Vancouver BC

Aeriel Colleen has such a wonderful, caring heart and has shown me time and time again how loving and compassionate she can be. Her compassion and keen sense of observation make her an excellent practitioner. She’s not afraid to get real, get dirty, get into the nitty gritty. She finds a way to bring love to almost any situation. Her strength, insightfulness and wisdom have impacted my life when I’ve needed it the most. I can’t recommend her or her work highly enough.

Angi Gyongyver, Tantric Practitioner & Psychedelic Integration coach

Toronto, Ontario

If you are considering training with Aeriel, do it! She will give you the most comprehensive training, not waste your time. You will get the essentials in an applied manner. Aeriel will make sure you know how to give pleasure, connection and great technique.    

Yvan Ravensun, Intimacy Coach and Tantric Touch Pracitioner

Toronto On

OMG what a great night. Learned so much and Aeriel you are such a good teacher. I loved your approach to this and your teaching style. Thank you and looking forward to learning and growing together.  

Jaclyn Deforge, Poet and Creative Writing Facilitator

Hamilton On

Aeriel is kind, down to earth and so knowledgeable. She’s a wonderful, insightful teacher and she just radiates light. 

You have shown me such a wondrous thing. You have made me feel alive again and that there is good out there. What you have is such a precious gift. I will never be able to truly repay you or thank you for the help you are giving me. “

Austin Wellsley 

Hamilton, On

My body is still buzzing. It was incredible. I found a very high level of energy. At times I never even noticed you were there. I was completely focused on the feeling and the experience. 

Mark Hamson

Rochester, NY

I just want to thank you so much for reaching into my heart and showing me how wonderful life can be. Your massage session has awakened me and I look forward to seeing you again soon. You really are a divine goddess with a mission and a gift to share.

Grant Wringer

London On