Enjoy an ecstatic life by unlocking your body’s healing power

Our bodies know how to heal and grow stronger. All we need to do is give our bodies the right support to help them thrive. A vital, ecstatic life is our birth right! We all deserve to enjoy life and feel good. My mission is to help those who want to harness the healing power of their bodies to grow stronger and healthier each day while learning and having fun. I offer nutritional coaching, massage, energy healing and meditation training. If you are interested in starting a new path of vitality and ecstatic living get in touch for a free consultation today.

Blessings and Bliss to you!

Meaghan Beattie

The pillars of Vitality

I offer a range of services to help you build these pillars of vitality into your daily life with joy and ease!


Your body is constantly reforming its self. Cells dies and regenerate every day and they rebuild using the materials you eat and drink. Everyday you get the chance to build a healthier you!

Mindset and relaxation

Our minds are powerful! When we have positive thoughts and intentions and learn to relax deeply we can heal on the deepest levels. Learn meditation and breathing techniques to support relaxation. Book a massage to help your body unwind and realign.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships make life rich! They can be a huge part of our happiness and fulfillment. Learn how to make your relationships deeper and more fulfilling to improve you health and vitality.


Muscles need to squeeze and move to help us detoxify. Movement of the body creates movement of our life-force energy and jump starts vitality. Get your creative juices flowing with fun movement and voice exercises.


Here are a few simple, nutritious, delicious whole food recipes to try out! Add them to your weekly menu to support your body to grow stronger every day.

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