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Most people realize that eating Mcdonald’s hamburgers and doughnuts three times will have an effect on your health and not give you enough of the nutrition you need to feel good. However, many people do not realize that over the past couple decades due to soil depletion from modern farming practices, even healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are not as healthy they once were compared to about a hundred years ago!


This is vitally important for us to understand if we are going to start to take better care of our bodies. We need a certain amount of nutrition on a daily basis in order for our bodies to function well and our bodies thrive off of nutrition delivered by whole plant foods. We need to replenish our systems with high-quality, plant-based nutrition in order from them to function optimally.

When we understand the reality of our depleted food supply it becomes obvious that people these days are dealing with more stress, more work and less nutrition then the human body is equipped to handle. Is it any wonder we are seeing so many degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic mental health problems, digestive disorders, heart disease and chronic fatigue?

This is why Ecstatic Vitality recommends Whole Food Concentrates. It would be wonderful if we could all start growing our own food in perfect soil and follow an organic raw food diet, but the reality is, that doesn’t work for everyone! However, everyone does need the nutrition provided by a plant-rich diet.

Below you will find a few quotes about soil depletion. If you would like to learn about concentrated whole food products which are designed to make up for the nutrition lacking in our diets, Contact Us for a consultation.


Quotes About Soil Depletion

Depleted soils produce deficient foods an deficient foods bring us ill health. Two food items may look alike, but one may have everything that a food should have because it was grown on healthy soil while the other is worth no more than a glass of water if grown on sick soil.

Dr. Wm. A. Albercht former Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of  Missouri

The staple foods may not contain the same nutritive substances as in former times…Chemical fertilizers, by increasing the abundance of the crops without replacing all the exhausted elements of the soil, have indirectly contributed to change the nutritive value of cereal grains and vegetables.

– Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner

The impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with the mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health.

Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, vegetables, the grains, the eggs and even the milk and meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago.

No man today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires of perfect health because his stomach is not big enough to hold them.

Physical, mental and moral fitness depends largely upon an ample supply and a proper proportion of the minerals in our foods.

Artificial manures inevitability lead to artificial nutrition, artificial food, artificial animals, and finally to artificial men and women.

    – Excerpts from Senate Document #264 as adopted and ordered reprinted by the second session of the 74th Congress of the United States of America.

Ecstatic Vitality promotes and sells herbal foods from plants that are grown in wild or organic conditions, without the use of genetic modification or harmful pesticides. Manufacturers of these products oversee the growing conditions, test  soils for mineral content and test the purity of the plants used in all their products. The products we promote come from one of the only businesses who owns and operates all their manufacturing facilities, a standard rarely and maintained in the health food industry. We believe that concentrated, pure, expertly formulated herbal nutrition helps to meet the needs of a nutrient deficient modern world. To find out more about high-quality herbal foods contact us.


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