Change your diet for 30 days. Get full throttle nourishment with convenient, herbal superfoods.

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Try the Whole Foods Challenge!

The body thrives on whole foods! It knows how to work with them and uses to correct and rebuild at a cellular level.
Switch your diet for one month by replacing fast foods, processed foods and other non-nutritious foods, with whole foods and feel the difference:


  • Less Cravings
  • More Energy
  • Better sleep
  • Balanced Mood
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Better Digestion and Elimination
  • Weight loss or weight gain as needed
  • Increased stamina

Try the Whole Foods Challenge for one month and get super concentrated herbal foods designed to jumpstart the body’s vitality as they replenish lost nutrients.

Sunrider foods are 100% GMO-free, wild grown, in nutrient-dense soils. The enzymes and life force remain intact, delivering nutrition which is as fresh as food picked from your own garden. 7-10 lbs of herbs are condensed down to 1 lb of product to offer superior quality. 

Along with these incredible products you will receive our online Whole Foods coaching and personal support.

We’ve got you covered! Our coaching program includes everything from shopping tips, to recipes, to essential education that will help you make whole foods a life long habit.


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The Whole Foods Pack Includes:

  • 30 packets of Vitashake (3 boxes)-  Instant, Concentrated, Whole Food Shakes enhanced with vitamins and minerals- Choose Chocolate or Strawberry.
  • 30 Sunbars (3 boxes)- Concentrated, Herbal Energy Bars- Choose Chocolate or Fruit

Cost: $240.00 Available in Canada and USA only.

(Want full speed regeneration? 60 packets of Vitashake and 60 Sunbars will saturate you with herbal energy! $500. Tight budget? Get a baby pack ! 1 box of Vitashake and 1 box of Sunbars for $100.00. )

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  1. Lynn says:

    The display of recipes is so inviting and professional. I can’t wait to try more recipes here.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn! Enjoy and have fun trying them. 🙂

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