Are you Ready to Jumpstart Your Vitality?

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Do you want:

  • More Energy
  • More Access to your Full Power and Potential
  • A Convenient, Fun System to Help you Make Healthy Changes
  • Practical and Scientifically-Based Education you Can Put to Use
  • Personal Support to keep you On-Track with your Goals

Ecstatic Vitality offers three coaching programs in the form of monthly challenges. Each of these coaching programs come with concentrated herbal products, specifically chosen to help you reach your goals with more ease and joy.

The HydrationChallenge



We offer our coaching system and our personal coaching support 100% free to everyone who purchases products with us! You get to spend your money on the extra nutrition your body needs.





Click on the images below to explore each of the three challenges and coaching packages!


The whole Foods

The Detox- Challenge (3)

We recommend doing the challenges in the order listed below and spending 1-3 months on each challenge.

The challenges are stepping stones leading you forward into ever greater vitality. They give you simple, achievable goals and essential nutritional education.

Lynn Krokenberger (RN, CCH) brings 12 years of experience in the field of clinical nutritional biochemistry to these challenges.

We’re excited to offer you a fun way to make changes that will benefit you for a lifetime!


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