Unleash Your Vitality- Simple Steps to Help the Body Regenerate

Ecstatic Vitality offers an interactive multi-media presentation about what the body needs to grow stronger and unleash the power of its innate vitality.

Participants will walk away with a new awareness of whole foods and their effects on the human body. They will also learn how to build and maintain wellness following basic pillars of vitality.

Dialogue, questions and interactive learning components are included during the presentation to help participants engage with the content. Participants will leave with simple, practical information they can put to use in their daily life. Rates vary according to group size, location and participant needs.

To inquire about rates or to book a presentation please call

289 780 3317 or e-mail ecstaticvitality@gmail.com

To find out about upcoming talks visit our facebook page!

Participant Feedback

“Amazing speaker and a lot of information about health and what we need to know to live a 100 years! Thank you!”

– Ursula, Radio Industry Professional

“The soil depletion issue is huge and was previous unknown to me”

– Anonymous

“Very informative, good flow, good sharing of questions and answers.”

– Everton Blair, Owner of Blair Elements Tea Shoppe

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