Photo on 2016-01-24 at 14.35 #4Let’s talk, let’s cook, let’s learn and build you the life you want!

I love helping people fall in love with new healthy recipes and vitality building practices. I can work with anyone whether you are just starting out making changes or you are looking to enhance your current wellness regime.

I offer free consultations, and I encourage you to call me and tell me about you and your needs and goals. I’d love to discuss your situation and how we can build up your vitality and energy.

I provide coaching in two ways: Pay per session- Work with me by the hour or purchase concentrated herbal products through me and receive free coaching.

You can get started with one of our monthly challenges which include special product packs (see below) or contact me to set up a free vitality consultation and we can explore your needs and the best products for you.

To learn more about the products I sell click here. 

Coaching Rates  

Vitality Consultation: Free

Hourly coaching rate: $50.00 per session or $125.00 for three sessions.

All consultations or coaching sessions are available by phone, skype or in person (in Hamilton, Ontario)

The Challenges- Transform your Life, 4 weeks at a time!

This is a fun and easy way to approach vitality education and diet changes.

There are three challenges to choose from which include weekly e-mails, concentrated herbal products and on-going e-mail support.

Challenge #1 The Hydration Challenge- Switch off of coffee, alcohol and other sugary and stimulating beverages and get hydrated with our anti-oxidants and electrolyte rich herbal products.

Challenge #2- The Whole Foods Challenge- Transform your diet by eliminating processed, and nutrient depleted food which nourishing whole plant foods. This challenge comes with super concentrated herbal snack bars and shakes.

Challenge #3- The Detox Challenge- Eliminate chemicals, detoxify you body and calm your mind. This challenge helps you to give your body the support it needs to regenerate and enhance its ability to cleanse. A variety of product packs are available based on your needs for this challenge. (Stress Buster Pack, Home and Body Care Pack, Addictions Pack, Detox Pack)


What to Expect in Coaching Sessions?

We will work together to identify the next best steps for you which will help you increase your vitality. Our sessions can include any of the following, recipe planning, product recommendations, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, shopping and food preparation tips and emotional support.

Everyone is different and has different needs. My goal is to come alongside you, understand your needs, goals and challenges and to help you make the changes you need to make with as much ease and joy as possible.

You will walk away from each session with tools and information that you can begin to use right away. Together we build a foundation for you to build and maintain vitality for the rest of your life.

After our session if you have questions you are welcome to contact me through email or phone for extra support.

Client Testimonial

In my initial year of college I noticed that I was always tired regardless of how many hours of sleep I got. I would be exhausted and dosing off. One day I sat down with Meaghan and she had amazing information to share. I listened and got a sample from her. I incorporated all the information she gave me into my day to day living and had fun doing it.

Last weekend I went to a BBQ and someone said to me you have lost weight! I did not even weigh myself, all I knew was I was feeling good and had more energy. I knew it was the advice I got from Meaghan that helped. Thank you Meaghan for this life transformation.

-Primrose Maniwa, Social Work Student and Mother of Two, Burlington, Ontario


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