If you would like to understand more about your body and how it can move from degeneration to regeneration, this is the place to start. The videos on this page will help you understand what your body needs in order to function smoothly, and how to care for your body so that your vitality will thrive.

Some of the videos are long, but they are well worth the time and attention you give them.

I recommend watching the first videos posted ( By Jim Pendree and JW Emerson) a few times in order to let the information sink in, especially if you do not have previous education in biology or nutritional science. ( I did not, and it took me some time to start to grasp all the information from these excellent educators)

With that said, enjoy this life changing information! In my opinion, this level of information about our bodies is one of the most precious gifts available. It can help you claim your vitality and take charge of your well-being so that you can live a long, healthy, happy life. In a world with so much degeneration and illness, what could be more valuable?

If you are interested in getting the Sunrider Foods mentioned in a few of the videos below, please contact me. I would love to consult with you and explain how to start using these incredible foods to change your life. All customers receive free on-going vitality coaching.




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