To order Sunrider Surinder products you will need an account, almost like when you shop at Costco.

Sunrider requires you to set up an account because they do not have stores and they rely on independent contractors to promote the company. This saves Sunrider a lot of money on expensive advertising and other overhead costs. For this reason, you will need to fill in the information of the person who introduced you and is teaching you about Sunrider when setting up an account.


There are two options when setting up an account with Sunrider:

Option A) Customer Account- (Free) 

This account allows you to order directly from Sunrider. You will pay the retail price, which is 20% more than wholesale.

Once you accumulate $500 in purchases in a 12-month period, if you order $100 at one time, you will receive a 5% discount. If you order $200 or more, you will receive a 10% discount.

Option B) Business/ Whole Sale Account- ($110CAD+ tax and shipping)

To become an IBO (Independent Business Owner), you are required to purchase a Fortune Delight Pack. The cost is $100.00 US or $110.00 CDN. This includes business materials and five 10-packs of Peach Fortune Delight.

As an IBO, you will receive a 20% discount on all purchases, plus an additional 5% rebate on orders of $200 or more once you accumulate $500 in purchases. As your volume grows, you can earn rebates of up to 20%.

The only requirement for remaining an IBO is to accumulate $200 in purchases every 12-month period. There are no monthly ordering requirements.

To set up a Sunrider account with me as your sponsor,

please enter the name: Meaghan Beattie and the email address:

How to Set up your Account

  • go to
  • Click on ‘Join’
  • Choose Customer or IBO
  • follow the instructions

Sunrider Canada Information:
Distributor Services: 604.464.5018
Ordering: 604.464.8302

Sunrider US Information:
Distributor Services: 310.781.3808
Ordering: 310.781.8096

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