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-Meaghan and Lynn



Ecstatic Vitality’s mission is to enrich the lives of others by offering:


Vitality Education,

Simple Tools for Empowerment

and Effective, Quality Whole Food Products which Promote Regeneration.



We offer simple step by step vitality programs, free vitality education, and the world’s highest quality herbal products which support balance and regeneration in the body.

We believe that the body has the innate ability to heal from within when it is given the right support, and that everyone has the right to a life of joyful abundant vitality!

About Meaghan and Lynn

Meaghan and Lynn are the leaders of the Ecstatic Vitality Team.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves to experience the well-being, and zest for life which is a natural result of the body getting the care it needs.

We focus on giving the tools and education necessary in order to understand how to build and maintain vitality in the body.

We also offer training and mentorship to those interested in owning their own business, or expanding their current business by sharing the incredible Sunrider products!

Below you can read more about Meaghan and Lynn, and what inspired the mission of Ecstatic Vitality.

Meaghan Beattie- Empowerment and Regeneration

Photo on 2016-01-24 at 14.35 #4I have been working in the field of holistic healing for over 5 years and love to help my clients use the power of nutrition to boost their body’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s amazing what happens when the body gets the right support. I use my training in compassionate communication, reiki, massage, breathwork, and tantric healing to help my clients with their recovery process. However one of my greatest assets is the learning I received from my own recovery process.

11896030_10101457394641461_6371798663553441735_nOver the past seven years as I have continued using regenerative nutrition and simple vitality techniques, I have become more energized, happy, healthy and inspired. After years of being out of work due to illness, I was able to return to work, begin performing and recording my music and start my own business. In 2015 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and my life feels very rich now.

I have literally seen many of my dreams become reality and it has all been made possible because of the support and education I received. It has become my mission to make this kind of support available to every one person no matter their budget, schedule or experience level with natural health. We all deserve ecstatic vitality!! I am so grateful to pass this precious education and support on to others. Whatever you may be facing there is hope. Our bodies are miraculous!

Lynn Krokenberger- Clinical Expertise

IMAG2312Lynn Krokenberger is a Registered Nurse and classically trained Certified Homeopath with 12 years of clinical experience in the field of Nutritional Biochemistry. Lynn has also explored a wide range of other aspects of health and healing including massage, NLP, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Buteyko Breath Work .

Lynn’s extensive professional experience and her many years of supporting individuals to reach their highest levels of vitality and have formed the basis for Ecstatic Vitality’s coaching system. Lynn’s passion for the power of the human body has been  the driving force behind Ev’s mission to extend education, empowerment and regeneration into our communities through person-to-person support and mentorship.


“I fondly remember the final question on 2 verbal examination, from my Homeopathy training  in 1996

Question: When do you get the most information in taking a case?

Answer: From the time the client walks in the door and especially the hand shake of the new person.  After that, the rest of the interview is confirmatory.”


Our Philosophy

There is no greater gift than that of health and vitality, especially if you have experienced a loss of your quality of life.

Regeneration is remarkably simple, and yet has not been taught intelligently in our society. Essentially it is this- Give the body what it needs, it will do incredible  things.

We’d love to help you learn what your body can do for you.

Contact us to set up a free consultation if you would like to learn how we may assist you with your goals. We will call you at our earliest convenience. Have a great day!

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