Below you will find links to a few of my favourite Webpages and Books. Enjoy!

Websites with Great Recipes:

Goodness Me Recipes– A collection of recipes from Hamilton Ontario’s largest natural food retail stores.

Oh She Glows- One of my favourite webpages for healthy, plant based (delicious!) recipes

Raw Foods on a Budget- Featuring some easy and low cost raw food recipes.

My Darling Vegan– A wide variety of whole food recipes including some raw ones!

The Supper’s Program- Fabulous whole food recipes!

Once a Month Meals- Pick recipes according to your diet and preferences! Freezer friendly options!

Healing Chocolate Recipes- A few recipes using raw cacao, a healthy and delicious superfood.

Giddy Yo-Yo Recipes- Super food recipes!

Mollie Katzen- Some fun family friendly healthy recipes!

Websites with Education:

Goodness Me Radio Show- A link to the goodness me radio show archives. Lots of shows on different topics available for download.

Honest Food Guide – A webpage with a really handy quick reference chart showing foods that deplete the body and foods which strengthen the body.

World’s Healthiest Foods- Just like the title says, it’s a website with information about the world’s healthiest foods. 🙂

HASfit- A database of free workouts, free recipes and lots of interesting wellness information.

Santevia – A great webpage for those who want to learn about the health benefits of pure alkaline water. A well reputed retailer of quality, economical water filtration systems.

Raw Elements– An online store with a wide variety of whole food products as well as links to recipes, events and natural wellness information. Use the code Ecstatic Vitality when you order to save 5%

The Benefits of Cacao- A great little paper about the benefits of cocoa by the American Heart Association.

Fantastic Books:

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray, N.D.

Spontaneous Healing by Andrew Weil

The Seven Spiriutal Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chopra

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