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green-smoothie1Green smoothies are a fabulous way to boost your vitality and simplify nutritious meals. You can get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in a delicious, travel-friendly recipe in just a matter of minutes! It’s the perfect way to start a morning, balance out a meal or make a healthy snack.

If you have not tried making one before here are some tips and information to get you started.

Firstly, don’t be put off by the colour. Even if you are a picky eater, even if you hate salad, I can guarantee you, you will still be able to make a green smoothie that you like. Basically, if you can handle a fruit smoothie, you can handle a green smoothie. As long as you use the right greens, you will taste the fruit and not the greens that you make it with.

Stick with soft and mild greens. Baby spinach is the easiest to work with and one of the best tasting options. (buy organic, find out why here)

You will also want to be aware of your blender and know what it handles well. Some blenders are able to chew up tougher greens like kale and collards (like the Vitamix, it will liquefy anything) but lower grade blenders won’t and you could end up with a very chunky smoothie (not so delicious.) If you don’t have a blender designed for making smoothies, try sticking with softer greens like spinach or lettuce that are easier for the machine to chew up and liquify.

If you don’t have a blender designed for making smoothies, try sticking with softer greens like spinach or lettuce that are easier for the machine to chew up and liquefy.

You might also be wondering, ‘how can I make sure my green smoothing will taste good?.’ Two words: Frozen banana. Frozen bananas make most people happy smoothie consumers because they help make the smoothie creamier, colder and sweeter- three very good qualities in a smoothie. Its a good idea to peel bananas ahead of time and put them in a freezer bag so that they are convenient for you when you go to make your smoothie.

Aside from a frozen banana, the other trick to making a green smoothie you will love is to think of flavours you love and make it suit your taste. Don’t worry about the greens consider them a filler. As long as you use mild flavoured greens like spinach, or lettuce you will hardly notice it (kale is good too but a bit stronger tasting.)

Here’s a few great flavour combinations:

Strawberry Banana

Peach Mango

Chocolate Peanut Butter- use natural/organic peanuts or peanut butter and raw cacao powder

Orange Coconut

Pineapple Coconut

As you can see it is easy to come up with combinations of ingredients and flavours. So just think of the flavours you like most and choose the best natural ingredients you can get!

Have a ratio of about 1/2 and 1/2 greens and fruit. If you want your smoothie extra sweet and creamy add a frozen banana as mentioned above.

And if you want to make your smoothie truly spectacular add some herbal concentrates. They will really take it to the next level.

I encourage you to keep your smoothies clean. No dairy, no refined sugars, no whey protein or other food supplements where nutrients have been isolated. Your body does not recognise and use isolated nutrients the same way it uses whole foods. Stick with whole food ingredients, and plant-based milk (almond, coconut, rice…etc) Your body will thank you!

And that’s it! Experiment, have fun, and enjoy!



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