Focusing on illness is not fun, or empowering or inspiring. Maybe this is one of the reasons we don’t like going to the doctors, and why some of us even avoid taking care of our health. We just don’t want to think about feeling bad and being sick. So, maybe we try to just push it out of our minds. Or maybe we find a drug or stimulant like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or sugar that makes us feel good enough (at least for a short while) so that we can ignore how we really feel.


Tired, anxious, achy, sick, overwhelmed, fuzzy in the head, …etc



We don’t want to deal with all those uncomfortable feelings! Right? It’s easier to just find a way to make them stop…. so that we can keep living and focusing on better things like our jobs, our family, our hobbies, our dreams,… happy things!



Ignoring and repressing symptoms works, but only short term.

Whether you choose an over the counter medication or self-medicate with stimulants like coffee and sugary foods and beverages, it’s only a band-aid solution to your pain.

If you choose to simply manage the symptoms you have, you are going to be stuck doing that for the rest of your life, or worse, your body will continue to get weaker and weaker until you end up with a bigger problem on your hands, disease.

Regeneration is the healthy alternative most people have not heard of and are looking for.  

Regeneration begins by having a mind that is focused on being your best and having the best possible life you can have! It starts off with believing that your body is a miracle and is just as capable of growing, adapting and thriving throughout your life as it was in your mother’s womb.


The body is designed to grow, adapt and regenerate! 

You have BILLIONS of cells that are going through cycles of life and death moment by moment, day by day. This means that every day of the year is a new start as far as your body and your cells are concerned.

Regeneration cycles of different parts of the body:

Lining of Stomach and intestines every 4-5 days

Taste buds every 2 weeks

All your skin every 6 weeks

Liver every 8 weeks

Skeleton every 12 weeks

This kind of approach to health and well-being is a celebration of life and of yourself! You are constantly being re-formed and re-created and every day is a new opportunity to be your best, to grow stronger and more full of vitality.

You can do this simply by learning how to nourish and cleanse the body to help the body stay in balance.

When the body is properly nourished and cleansed it will be balanced and a balanced body is a healthy body.  

When you start walking down the path of regeneration you are no longer focusing on illness and disease. You are focusing on your dreams, your life and your vitality! You are no longer fearing and ignoring your body, you are celebrating how strong and beautiful your body is and listening to it with appreciation, gratitude and wonder.

For those of you who are ready to start walking down that path, I am happy to help!

Get in touch with me for a free vitality assessment and presentation! Check out my page on whole food concentrates to learn about herbal foods that will support your body’s ability to regenerate.